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Cox Group Featured in Website Success Story

Cox Group Featured In Website Success Story

FastBoats Marine Group website was designed by Cox Group and was recently recognized for its well-designed layout and engaging content. Read below for the full story: A website is the public face of your business. Often it is the first thing people see when they do research on your company. If someone wants to know […]

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When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

Many of us have grown up with the notion from our parents, grandparents, etc. to just “give it your best” and the desired outcome will simply be accomplished from mere “effort.” As we grow older and gain more experience in the game of life, we know that “maximum effort” does NOT always produce “maximum results.” […]

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Giving The Best You Have To Give Each Day

Many times we simply don’t have the energy to give “100%” each and every day. That is very normal and is called “life”. Things happen that many times we don’t control and cannot be planned. Many times we “can’t steer the ship”, we just simply hang on for the ride. I have learned over the […]

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Send E-Mails That Get The Results You Want

Bruce Kasanoff from Opportunity Shaper showcases some key guidelines that assist in getting the most results from the emails that people send.   In a recent article, he outlined these impactful lessons: NEVER send bad news via email. No matter how rushed or angry you are, never use email to express anger or deliver bad news. […]

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How Funny Can Help Make You Some Money

Colin Shaw is the CEO of a Customer Experience Firm called Beyond Philosophy. In a recent article, he outlined a few situations where showing some humor or personality can actually have a positive effect on the overall process of “doing business” with others. Here are a few of his best tips on how/when to use […]

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