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Recent Study Reveals Top Reasons Why Videos Go Viral On YouTube

Just like the varying types of media that communications companies work with today, there are also several ways in which this information can be sliced, diced and analyzed.  Thus, multimedia engagement can be discussed with infinite approaches. In one of the latest efforts to get a handle on the topic, The Pew Research Center has […]

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How the New Facebook “Page” Updates Will Affect Your Brand

Facebook set the marketing world abuzz when it began testing two features: opt-in notifications for page updates (so users can be pinged whenever a page they have chosen posts) and a separate pages feed (where users can see all posts from all pages they’ve liked). Jason Weaver, CEO of a social media marketing service that works […]

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The Dawn Of Agile Engagement

Social media has wrought changes that require PR professionals and marketers to engage authentically with a wide range of stakeholders, across numerous channels and devices. Call it the Dawn of Agile Engagement. Communicators’ success in this rapidly evolving era depends on effectively targeting their audiences and infusing messaging with audience insights gleaned from social conversations. […]

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Multimedia Content Drives Better Press Release Results

Below is an article released by PR Newswire explores the influence of multimedia incorporation on the effectiveness of press releases. A recent update to the PR Newswire web analytics program enables the ability to compare the copious data which details the activity press releases generate on PR  We eagerly looked deeper into the  data, […]

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Sports and Social Media Show Me The Money

CHICAGO (Reuters) – U.S. sports leagues, corporate sponsors and media companies can score big points by using social media and are racing to create accounts on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter for fans. Those social networks help businesses in the sports world build stronger ties with consumers, and the connections made by leagues can help them […]

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