The Cider Toddy Café was born from the idea, build it and they will come! Rather than going out all the time to entertain clients why not build something we could enjoy and a place to entertain our guests. So with a demolition crew, electricians, plumbers and furniture makers, we transformed interior space of our office into what has become our “epicenter” of comfort and entertainment.

While acquiring years of autographed memorabilia and unique trinkets adorning the walls, the hide-away place was starting to take shape. The pub-like or café appeal started taking on a life of its own. Either a place for early coffee and team bonding or afternoon lunches, it truly has become the center of activity. While productive days lead to longer evenings, the café transforms again to a place appropriate for after-work gatherings.

With quiet lighting and signage saying “Now Serving”, our team began to gather for drinks and relaxation. The impromptu gatherings led to planned client happy hours over the years and have turned out to be numerous and quite memorable.

Big stories (like a big fish story) have been told over and over in the café and, as guests admire the mysterious sheen of the café walls, they often ask where did you come up with the name Cider Toddy?

So the tale has been told, after countless hours of thought and an obscene number of consumed beverages in the sterile, unpainted shell the café once was, two brothers boldly fought off those who disagreed with their color selection and creatively chose to paint the now famous walls the color of Olympic Paint’s #B15-6 Cider Toddy.