Cox Report Agreement / Sign Up Form


Responsibilities of Cox Group:


  • Capture athlete media exposure for the 2020 Season
  • Compile online coverage and social media results into PDFs for email
  • Generate and send coverage emails to athlete and/or sponsors upon request


  • Capture athlete magazine and advertising exposure for the 2020 Season
  • Capture athlete television (BASS, FLW, MLF & Athlete provided) exposure for the 2020 Season
  • Perform Ad value calculations on media exposure if data is available
  • Produce a digital end of season media report
  • Format full digital media report to athlete specifications


Responsibilities of Athlete or Company:

  • Sign and execute agreement
  • Provide direct access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube accounts
  • Continue to clip any additional media exposure that Cox Group might not track
  • Before completion of the season, provide additional clippings to Cox Group for data inclusion in report
  • If sending emails direct to sponsors, provide list of contacts (update Cox Group when sponsors change)

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This executed and submitted form will serve as a contract between Cox Group and Athlete or Company.