Cox Reports

What is a Cox Report?

2013CoxReports Cox ReportsA Cox Report is a comprehensive summary of all media exposure for a particular angler in a tournament season. All year long, Cox Group tracks and gathers media exposure from Internet articles, multi-media and banner ads as well as magazines, newspapers and television. After organizing the information, we calculate the exposure per media category and sum it up for the entire season.

With a Cox Report, anglers are able to justify their value to current sponsors as well as work towards gaining new sponsors by using hard evidence detailing the value they can bring to a particular brand.


What will be monitored in 2015?

TELEVISIONtv networks Cox Reports

NBC Sports
Outdoor Channel


We subscribe to the main fishing industry and trade publications relevant to professional bass fishing. Magazines such as Bassmaster, BASS Times, FLW Outdoors Magazine are all clipped, plus many more.

ads Cox Reports


Advertisements are found in magazines and newspapers. Newspaper advertisements will need to be collected and provided by the angler.


Newspapers are either provided by the angler or found on the internet.

SOCIAL Cox Reports


Social Media is handled a little bit differently.  We take data provided through analytics of various social media accounts and derive an Ad value from this provided data.  We no longer use screen grabs and clips of individual social media clips.

internet Cox Reports


These clips may be found in the Internet, Internet Banner Ads, Internet Multi-Media or Miscellaneous sections.

mutli Cox Reports


Any video or audio clip found in google alerts or among the regularly checked websites.


Any banner ad found in sponsor email blasts or on the regularly checked websites.

misc Cox Reports


May include sponsor email blasts, sponsor catalogs, pictures, posters, trade show booth materials etc… Anglers are encouraged to send in as many of these items as possible.


Based on Angler’s tournament schedule. Any additional travel must be provided and documented by the angler. Keep track of any travel you may do in your wrapped truck and/or boat. Please provide the date(s), the event and location.

2015Contract 300x125 Cox ReportsCOX REPORT PRICING

2015 Cox Report = $2,880* ($240 per month)

2015 Cox Report plus two quarterly printouts** = $3,300* ($275 per month)

*plus net production expenses of printed books ($48 per book)
**Quarterly printouts are internet clips only. Dates are determined after sign up.