Tis The Season…

shutterstock_115747786Now that the busy holiday season is upon us, there is truly excitement.  Unfortunately, that “excitement” is usually separated into two categories:  Happiness or Stress.

A person’s outlook on the season definitely “frames” how they will take in the holidays.  Those that are calm, relaxed find a way to take in all the positive sensory overload that the holiday season brings.  Those that focus on what “has to be done” or “needs to be done” by certain date(s), always seem to miss the true meaning of the season.

Many people would rather enjoy each other’s company and conversation, especially if family and friends do not live near one another.  As much as presents and gifts are fun, the true memories are made from backyard football games after dinner, family traditions being passed down to the next generation, etc.  It’s about people vs things!

So if you are one of the people that tend to get “stressed out” during the holidays, take a deep breath and focus on what really counts, just simply spending time with your family and friends.

Now that is a gift worth giving (and receiving)!!

That’s the bottomline…
“Change…Part Nature…Part Opportunity”